Harbor School harbor reconnaissance

27 may 2011

Staten Island ferry to St. George, NY – biked along Richmond Terrace to the Bayonne Bridge – over the bridge into Bayonne, NJ – through streets, railyards and highways into Liberty State Park – ferry back to NY, World Financial.

Guerzon could not make today’s trip, Leo and I caught the Staten Island ferry and began the odyssey…

The first struggle is biking over Richmond Terrace roads. The narrow shoulder is overgrown with weeds that will push you into the road, but it is a great ride. You see the tugs and ships passing by on the Kill van Kull, cycle past the beautiful grounds of Snug Harbor, pass tug and ship yards.

In case you would like to duplicate this wondrous journey, you will have follow the council given here, and break a few rules: the trip will not be possible otherwise. The first sign to ignore is this one:

The “Go Back” road will take you to the only pedestrian way over the bridge (west side of the bridge). Ignore the signs that say “No pedestrians allowed, take other side” because there IS no walkway on the east side.

As you bike over the southern, NY side of the bridge, you will peer into tidy yards.

And see your first few ships accompanied by tugs.

Newark Bay to the left, the skyline of Manhattan to the right.

Land on both sides of the anchorages is being cleared for projects.

The northern, New Jersey side of the bridge also passes over a neat rows of homes and little yards.

Bergen Point Brass Foundry [Leo: could you look them up, see the history?]

[Guerzon: please find more about this railroad bridge that once crossed Newark Bay]

Mystery object [Leo, Guerzon: extra credit if you can figure out what this is!]

Debris, crumbling asphalt, and weeds on the road to the gated complex ahead.

Elco Marina [Leo, pls look up Elco Marina]

And in their front yard waters, myriad shells of oysters lie among broken bits of brick and gravel. Sea grass flourishes.

There is a lovely tribute to Elco and the PT boats in a small garden.

We ask often for directions, and here is a Coastie of the CG cutter Sturgeon Bay who told us to stand firm and go on what would look like a highway. We got the same directions from a few others we asked. Probably better not to get creative as we did, and keep to these directions instead.

The highway and CSX trains ran along to our left and the bay was to our right.

I do not recommend this way. Unless you are interested in train tracks,

and salt marshes. The city lies tantalizingly in the distance. We are lost.

Not sure what this means.

Leo is a trooper.

We pass the New York Bay Cemetery.

And we are very relieved to finally find our way to Liberty State Park!

Rail tracks leading to and from—

—the Daily News Building [Guerzon, Leo, pls research a little on their facility–still operational? all papers moved by truck? how is paper brought in?]

Claremont is off to the right, Bayonne lies ahead here, looking south.

Still looking south, you can make out the Verazzano Narrows bridge. Here is the picnic area of Liberty State Park.

A beautiful long esplanade over the water has families, fishermen and the most amazing views.

The beautiful Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal; more history here.

Made it! at Liberty Landing Ferry! Leo, you made about 20 miles (31km). When are we picking you up to do it, too, Guerzon?

Conclusion: [Leo]

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gowanus canal

June 7, 2011

7 may 2011

[Guerzon, I have great photos to put up, just write a bit on your observations from that day, pls!]

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newtown creek

June 5, 2011

9 april 2011

photos to come

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June 4, 2011

25 march 2011

Roosevelt Island

Low tide:
High tide:
Slack at the Gate.

G:The Welfare Bridge now know as The Roosevelt Island Bridge is a lift bridge that connects Roosevelt Island to Astoria located in Queens.It is a route to the Island for vehicular and foot traffic only,Without public transportation, the bridge allows ships with 100feet or 30m of vertical clearance.

(power plant)
L: Big Allis, is a giant electric power generator originally commissioned by Con Edison electric company and built by the Allis Chalmers Corporation in 1965. It is located on 36th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard in Queens, New York.

During 1963, Allis Chalmers, the one in charge of the construction announced that Con Edison had ordered the world’s first million-kilowatt unit, big enough to serve 3,000,000 people. so next time we would have a really bad blackout, we should use Big Allis. At the time of its installation, it was the world’s largest energy generating facility, how lucky were the New Yorkers.

The Tram: The Roosevelt Island Tramway is an aerial tramway in New York City that spans the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. Over 26 million passengers have used the tram since it began operation in 1976. cabins make the run at fifteen minute intervals from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. which is accesible with a MetroCard.

History of the Tram: Roosevelt Island had been connected to Manhattan by a trolley line that crossed over the Queensboro Bridge from its opening in 1909. Trolleys to and from Queens stopped in the middle of the bridge to meet an elevator, which then took passengers down to the island.

My experience:

when we took the tram, I was aware that it was high up in the air. I, being somewhat paranoid of heights, was ready to get a little nervous. I was holding onto the rail while it was halfway up on the first tower, the city looked AMAZING, so did the edge of Manhattan and the beginning of the East river, my palms were really sweaty. And the tram began to come down to the island, and I was filled wit awe at the view I had seen. I have never seen the city this beautiful, on top of that it was a really sunny day out, it was and awesome view. I really wouldn’t mind going back, even if it was by myself.

Leo’s Log:

Roosevelt Island.
What the student saw, heard or noticed at the work site.
-While traveling to our work site, I saw the bustling city life, and as soon as we got on the Roosevelt Island tram, it was all peace and quiet. Like a mini-getaway from the city.
Description of what the intern did.
-Along with the other intern that I work with, we figured out where is where on the harbor, and determining what tugboat company were the tugboats that were passing through the island.
Description of what the intern saw others doing.
-I worked along side another intern, so we basically did the same thing. We determined where different rivers led to, and we used our own common knowledge of the city or Roosevelt Island.
What the intern found surprising, interesting, confusing, or exciting.
-What I found exciting, interesting, and surprising was the Roosevelt Island Tram, the view and the experience that I went through while on the Tram. I liked the quietness of the island, the peaceful feel, and how the island residents seem to be almost like a small community.
What tasks did the intern find difficult or annoying.
-None, whatsoever.
What tasks were stimulating, motivating, or enjoyable.
-Being outdoors and learning things from the mentor that I didn’t even know myself. Learning what she knew could add on to what I know about the city.
A question to ask the supervisor when returning to the site.
-I don’t have any questions for now.

Guerzon’s Log: To get to Roosevelt Island the public transportation is always a option, to get there we took the tram giving us a beautiful view of the city as well of Roosevelt Island.

The Island provides view of different kind of ships that pass through Hell Gate, for example one of them was the Circle-Line Queens boat which provides the new york experience. perfect for people who are visiting and want to see a part of new york and Queens .

Other activity that we did was in a gallery where I saw a movie from the 1930 where appears old ships and the new york harbor back then. The true is that it looks totally different from now showing the old fashion of new york city and how society was during that time. Also I saw really beautiful paintings from famous people one of them caught my attention because in the painting shows different point of view of the new york harbor.

Roosevelt Island is not like manhattan is like a diferent world, you don’t hear people moving, cars, contruction noises.
I think is a good place to live if you are like a peaceful type person but if you are more like a city person forget about it.

18 march 2011

Kill van Kull

Met Leo and Guerzon at the Governor’s Island ferry, and walked south a few steps to the Staten Island ferry! we looked for the range lights for the deep water range on our way out.

We saw Jack Putnam, historian at the seaport museum, on his way home with a bag of mussels.
Guerzon and Leo read the tag, and identified the route these bivalves traveled by reading the certification label: from Prince Edward Islands, to Rhode Island for cleaning and packaging, to a fishmongers stall in chinatown, and now on it’s final crossing to Staten Island.

Watch the ships at anchor. The ferry’s path run alongside the Bayridge Anchorage, and when the waters ebb out to sea, all anchored ships’ bows point north-northwest, when the current floods, the ships swing and point south southeast.

We sat on the Kill van Kull and identified Robins Reef, MOT, and other navigation points called out on VHF. We listened to traffic and watched the tugs and ships. Tugs pushing fully loaded barges or towing empty ones. When did they take a barge on the side? Where was scrap going? where does oil go? where do the containerships go? cruise ships?

We went into the Staten Island branch of the NYPublic Library and signed up for cards. The boys helped a boy to open an account also. There was just enough time to use the computers to look quickly at the blog on which we planned to keep our logs.

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north river, chelsea

June 2, 2011

11 march 2011

Battery Park – Chelsea

Met Leo with scooters. We pass Zelda the Turkey of Battery Park, and head north, identifying south cove, north cove, World Fi, piers 25 and 26 under construction, pier 40, and turn inland at Chelsea Piers (pier 61). On the NJ side, took note of the Colgate Clock, Holland Tunnel vents, Jersey City, Hoboken, Stevens Institute, Big John, Weekhawken.(photos to come)

In Chelsea, we met with Tugster in front of the Duke Riley show at the Magnan Metz Gallery at 521 W 26th st: Two Riparian Tales of Undoing.

Leo liked very much the hobo signs that were part of the life-by-the-railroad half of the exhibit. I loved the portrait clandestinely painted atop a former Citgo fuel tank on Petty Island, PA.

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June 1, 2011

4 march 2011

downtown: the Battery, Stone Street

The ShipCoop mentors two Harbor School students!

Brendan Malone’s talk made it clear: it’s less “how can these students help my organization?” and more “what can I teach these students?”

Thus began a program of self-education. We begin by learning the harbor. If we want to ship anywhere here, we have to chart the terrain and know it well.

Fridays, I pick up Guerzon and Leo at the Governor’s Island ferry at 2pm. The first day, it was to meet and map out roughly the agenda.

Leo’s Log:

My first ever internship, and boy, is it something. My name is Leo Dominguez, a senior at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School. Life is at its best with being a senior and all that I am experiencing. The first day, when we met Christina (we already had met once before in an interview for internships that my school had organized for other fellow students), she took us around and we ended up in a little coffee shop while showing us Stone st., a very nice looking street with those really old Irish cobblestones. the street looked very original, something that really got my interest. At the coffee shop, she introduced us to what our goal was while being in the internship and the things we had to be ready to do. She bought us some snacks (which was really nice of her, don’t get me wrong), and she took us to the Museum of the Native American Indian. I have always noticed the museum, not willing to enter it even though it was free. We took some photos and we split from the group at about 4:30 in the afternoon. It was a good start, getting to know Christina and what we had to do and all those things. I think I’m ready for this internship, I’m ready to prove myself. Even though this has almost nothing to do with my pursuit of being a graphic designer, I will explore what I learn about the harbor and maybe use that someday in my dream job. – these next few fridays should be fun :)

Guerzon’s Log:

My name is guerzon cazares, a student from New York Harbor School I’m currently a senior.the first day we meet in the indian house where christina sun told us what it means being part of the NY Shipping corp. At the indian museum we took some photos like the indian intruments as well as weapons.

one thing that we learn during our meeting is why streets like canal st and wall st have and deserve those names, my interest for learn new thing is one specific example that describe me.

photos to come: India House, Stone street, the American Indian Museum, Bowling Green, the Battery.

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