swiss tunnel ceremony


swiss tunnel ceremony

One thought on “swiss tunnel ceremony

  1. Rembert says:

    Nice to see, how joint efforts of theatre and landscape can provide a more vibrant setting for public transport, than there has ever been for any new Tesla or the like. Elon Musk will need some really good ideas to top that on the day, the first vehicles go underground in Los Angeles.

    Although: We spent a breakfast yesterday, watching the movie and some others about the grandiose ceremony. Because la spectatrice, originating from a world where myth is still very much alive, had no difficulties following the lesson. The scheme of good and evil and their embodiments appeared familiar. Remarks about the whole thing being a re-enactment of that kind of pathos, that was popular in the time of Escher and Favre, weren´t well received. Just like the subtle clue, that in this case, other than in the 19th century, machines were the heroes. That there might have been good reasons, to choose diminutives „Heidi“ and „Sissi“ for these chinese-german commodities. That already Wagner needed Zürich, to reach the climax of pathos and that the director of this drama is german, coming from the neighborhood of Bonn. So that this spectacle may tell us more about the german state of mind, than about civil engineers.

    Futile. I was close to the declaration, that there are reasons for the alleged xenophobia of Switzerland.
    And I could have had it so simple.

    In 2014 one could stay in a hotel in Istanbul, right next to the enormous shaft, out of which a giant gripper steadily and with dull grumbling extracted the overburden of the newly built tunnel under the Bosporus. Dozens of headlamps threw a glistening light on gloomy sludge, bizzare forms standing out of it. And around that enormous bucket hung endless rows of baskets, fixed to bulkheads, supporting the walls of that pit. Inside lay in confusion and disarray what these artifacts became after washing – marble capitals and arms, numbered stones and wooden remains of what once might have been poles or writing boards. Testimonies of thousands of years of grinding, abrasion, disasters. And the shouting of the korean construction workers, when you tried to pull yourself up the site fence, wasn´t rehearsed. But the jargon of the location. No staging, just a lack of place, had designed that experience so breathtaking, that photos couldn´t tell anything about it.

    I should have argued, that real work doesn´t need glorification. Instead I drew 0 – 0 with the reasonable assumption, that the worst happened to that spectacle, that marketing people can think of: It was simply overlooked, despite all expenses and efforts. I met these (indeed very impressive) pictures here for the first time. And had to learn immediately after, that even swiss TV disconnected from Gotthard (from Gotthard!) after a few minutes. Thanks god, there are these sometimes a little bit stubborn but in a pleasant way sober people of Switzerland. Willing to ignore a nostalgic from rural Germany. Whom I suspect to be just a disguised ambassador of the message, that Switzerland needs even more tunnels, to be built with an enourmous expense of concrete and money. For trucks, which hopefully won´t be allowed to roll through the alps anymore. In the decades to come.

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