The Devil, bored one day, walked around the Teufelsbrücke to look for more trouble.

He was delighted at how easily he could take candy from babes: the people who tricked him the first time, were not so clever this time. They fell into his trap, and built a superfluous tunnel for vehicular traffic, not wanted by many, but pushed for, strongly by a few.


And with their money, he invested in his many other development projects, like shopping malls, high rises and dry cleaners.

But, in a few years’ time, the people found that the tunnel they built was a terribly costly mistake: a heavy ration on fuel stopped truck and motorcar traffic dead. The tunnel cost too much to maintain, and soon, it cost too much to guard, as other countries needing resources—like water—began to penetrate into their country through the tunnel.

The people decided to dynamite the tunnel shut. And the Devil offered them their rocks from the initial drilling, but at a very high price —


— This time, a goat would not do…he wanted the souls of all the people.

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