Iniziativa da las Alps

The arguments against a second Gotthard tunnel are to prevent increased traffic, pollution, and harmful impacts to nature.
These are good points. However, there is more:
Easily obtained fossil fuels are gone. It will very soon be prohibitively expensive to truck goods. You will have built this tunnel for naught.
Save your money, Switzerland. Do not build this redundant tunnel.
LOOK: who stands to benefit from such a project? who will make the money?
examine their records, and see where their interests lie.
Their interests may not reflect yours, dear Swiss voter.
It has happened to us in the USA.
Be warned: the more power you give those who do wrong by the Earth, the harder it is to get your power back.
This happened to us, think if this could happen to you:
There will always be oil, however, the corporations that get the oil are already spending more money and effort. The low fruit has been picked. It will soon be too expensive for a corporation to justify obtaining oil.
• To get more oil, we go to greater risks: drilling deeper than before, going further into pristine, remote tundras, damaging seas, lands and life,
• To get more oil, we engage in hydrofracturing of oil- and gas-bearing shales for ‘tight oil’, threatening our drinking water and water table, leaving vast damaged, poisoned, ravaged, unusable lands and waters,
• To get more oil, we use dirty oil from “tar sands,” bitumen,: a very expensive, fuel-burning process, destroying forests, soil, air and waters,
• We do dirty politics to keep oil coming to us (you know what the USA has done: the wars we wage to protect our oil interests, the deceitful, shady deals we make…and you SEE what we have unleashed upon us.)
The more roads and tunnels you build, simply, the more traffic comes.
Roads crisscross the USA like varicose veins.
We mainline fossil fuels like heroin junkies, completely addicted.
The USA as structured today cannot function without fuel. We have made ourselves so dependent on ‘happy motoring’; all our industries and corporations make it nearly impossible for the addiction to end.
Our governments lack the money to maintain the roads and infrastructure.
Bridges and tunnels are crumbling.  The poorly maintained roads and highways pollute the land and waters, further adding distress to our landscape.
We lack the funds to address all that needs to be fixed.
More roads and tunnels means more maintenance.
And you will become addicted to the ‘happy motoring’, too.
Vote NO! to an unnecessary tunnel.
Do not line the pockets of the greedy few at the cost to yourselves, your country, your future.
Iniziativa da las Alps

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