what ship is that?

How to recognize the sailing vessels that will be (hopefully) out on the water soon. These are USCG certified passenger vessels, some have holds that once carried cargo but have now have been converted into berths. Contacts are provided if you would like to try to charter one:

Schooner Pioneer:
Built: 1885, in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
Docked at: Pier 16
Material: Steel Hull, Iron Frames
Length: 102 ft.
Breadth: 22 ft.
Draft: 4.5 ft. (w/centerboard up) 12 ft. (w/centerboard down)
Mast Height: 76.6 ft.
Sail Area: 2,737 sq. ft.
Passenger Capacity: 35
Master: Richard Dorfman, with the South St Seaport Museum

Once carried sand for the iron working process, has a good large hold and two conveniently located hatches. Berths and galley have been taken out. However, she is a busy passenger vessel and will probably be doing harbor tours for the Seaport Museum this sailing season.

Schooner Lettie G. Howard:
Docked at: Pier 16
Material: Wood hull, masts, spars
Length: 125.4 ft.
Breadth: 21.1 ft.
Draft: 10.6 ft.
Sail Area: 5,072 sq. ft.
Crew: 7-9

Docked at pier 17; currently under repair. Good size fish hold, as she once fished on the Georges Banks, but the space has been converted to berths for passenger overnight trips. If you can get a berth for a trip once she’s up and running, do it.

Schooner Adirondack:
Built: 1994, Scarano Boat, Albany, NY
Docked at: Chelsea Piers
Material: Douglas Fir , cedar, teak, and mahogany.
Length: 80 ft
Draft : 8.6 ft.
Sail Area – 2,000 sq. ft.
Passenger Capacity: 49 passengers

Strictly a passenger vessel for Classic Harbor Line, but one of our fastest schooners.

Schooner Imagine:
Docked at: Chelsea Piers
Built: 1997, Scarano Boat
Length: 78 feet
Passenger Capacity: 49 passenger

update: renamed Adirondack II

Sloop Clearwater:
Docked at: 79th st Boat Basin
Length: 106 ft
Mast Height: 108 ft.
Sail Area: 4,305 sq. ft.

Pride and joy of the Hudson River, this is the tried and true ship for our waters. She’s busy with her environmental mission, but if we were to build cargo sailing vessels for our waterway corridor, it would look like her. More information here.

Schooner Shearwater:
Built: 1929, Rice Brothers Shipyard, East Boothbay, Maine
Docked at: North Cove
Materials: Wood; Teak, Mahogany, Native White Oak Georgia Pine
Length: 82.5 ft
Beam: 16.5 ft
Draft: 10 ft
Mast Height: 85 ft

Schooner Clipper City
Docked at: Pier 17, NY

More information here, the Clipper City illustration is coming!

Illustrations and information to come on the following passenger vessels:

Sloop Ventura:
Docked at: North Cove, NY

Schooner Mary E.:
Docked at: City Island, NY

Schooner Liberty:
Docked at: Liberty Marina, Jersey City, NJ

Schooner Richard Robbins:
Docked at: Lincoln Harbor, Weehawken, NJ

Quinnipiac (CT)    http://www.schoonerinc.org/

*** the Quinnie has education programs for the season, however the Master of this special vessel is open for possible cargo carrying off season; a fellow advocate of sailing cargo commands this vessel. More information here.

A.J.Meerwald  Rosemary Ruth

what ship is that?

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