Hudson River Foodway Corridor

The US Department of Agriculture is coming onboard!

“This project seeks to demonstrate that locally grown New York agricultural products can be distributed from upstate New York farms to urban centers downstate using intermodal
transportation systems as an energy efficient approach, establishing a Hudson River Foodway Corridor.”

Read the document here:


Sponsored by:

Lower Hudson-Long Island Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc.

Hudson River Foodway Corridor

5 thoughts on “Hudson River Foodway Corridor

  1. As the former Federal Chairman of the short sea shipping cooperative program – now the American Marine Highway – I see HarVest as a great grass roots opportunity to connect organic farmers in New York and Connecticut with environmentally sustainable transportation to bring their goods to market. We need to extend this program into Long Island Sound and include a tri-state initiative to slowly build this program.

    The Connecticut Maritime Association will support the program – see as will e3 – see – or e3forum on Facebook.

    If HarVest requires any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address provided.

  2. Joseph Heller says:

    the Lower Hudson – Long Island Resource Conservation and Development has created the Hudson River Foodway Corridor Project. For additional Information contact: President, Brian Zimmerman at 845 883-7162 Extension 104.

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